Do I need Flood Insurance?

What is a flood?

Anywhere it rains, it can flood. A flood is a general and temporary condition where two or more acres of normally dry land or two or more properties are inundated by water or mudflow. Many conditions can result in a flood: hurricanes, overtopped levees, dated or clogged drainage systems and rapid accumulation of rainfall.
Just because you haven’t experienced a flood in the past, doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. Flood risk isn’t just based on history, it’s also based on a number of factors: rainfall, river-flow and tidal-surge data, topography, flood-control measures, and changes due to building and development.
Flood Hazard Maps have been created to show different degrees of risk for your community, which help determine the cost of flood insurance. The lower the degree of risk, the lower the flood insurance premium.
Crown Insurance Agency writes flood policies for properties:


Crown Insurance Agency can offer a Private Market Flood Policy to Residential Homes located in a flood zone through our affiliation with TFIA.


Please contact us for our most current flood insurance rates.


Properties that are not eligible for The Private Market Flood Policy:

Properties that have experienced more than one flood loss within the past 5 years
Properties with unrepaired damage from a flood
Properties that incurred a flood loss to the structure of $250,000 or greater
Mobile Homes, condominium units, commercial properties
Properties that have been designated by a duly constituted State or local authority to be in violation or State or local floodplain management regulations (Section 1316)
Properties located in CBRA area, NFIP non-participating communities, a community under NFIP probation, or the Emergency Program
We understand the pivotal role that flood insurance plays in the buying and selling of a home, as well as the burden it places on individuals who currently carry a mortgage. With new homeowners, future homeowners and future sellers in mind, TFIA’s Private Market Flood Policy offers a less expensive, more convenient alternative to a FEMA National Flood Insurance Policy. Policy holders that have allowed their policies to lapse and those homeowners with incredibly high premiums due to low elevations will also find our lower rates to be a huge relief to an ever-increasing burden.
While less expensive, a TFIA Private Market Flood Policy is just as broad, and covers JUST as much as a FEMA National Flood Insurance Policy. The only difference is that we offer less expensive, flat rates that do not require any sort of documentation, such as an elevation certificate. We, at TFIA , are committed to getting you private flood insurance as inexpensively, quickly, and painlessly as possible. All TFIA’s policies require only a 7 day wait (except for loan closings, which require NO wait)! That’s over 3 weeks less than FEMA’s standard wait time.


In many instances private flood insurance is cheaper than FEMA’s rates. 



Private Market Flood IS available for: Single Family Dwelling and 2 to 4 Unit Residential Buildings.


We understand that flood insurance is necessary, but it does not necessarily have to be complicated.
Please Note:Notice to Policyholder: This policy is written by a surplus lines insurer, and is not subject to the filing or approval requirements of the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance. Such a policy may contain conditions, limitations, exclusions and different terms than a policy issued by an insurer granted a Certificate of Authority by the New Jersey Department as an eligible surplus lines insurer, but the policy is not covered by the New Jersey Insurance Guaranty Fund, and only a policy of medical malpractice liability insurance as defined in N.J.S.A. 17:30D-3d or a policy of property insurance covering owner-occupied dwellings of less than four dwelling units are covered by the New Jersey Surplus Lines Guaranty Fund.


*Surplus Lines Tax Rate: 2%

*Fireman’s Association Tax: 3%
*These taxes and fees are included in the rate charts above